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This journal is where I talk about random stuff. Sushi-stalking seagulls, giant squirrels, TV shows, hot delicious actors, and the strange inner workings of my elaborately weird brain.

Friending policy: I have several filters beyond my "friends list." This is because I use this space to discuss some things not everyone wants to hear, some of which is very personal. If you friend me and I don't know you, but your journal doesn't appear to be weird spam, I will probably friend you right back, but I will not add you to any of the filters on personal stuff until I know you better. If you defriend me quietly for no reason I'm aware of, I will just defriend you right back, because I tend to assume if you don't want to read my posts, you won't want to hear from me in comments either. I don't know if that's true (I'm rather socially inept), but it's how my mind works. You have been warned.
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